Cingjing Farm

Cinjing Farm is a popular tourist attraction that is located in the Ren-ai Township, Nantou County of Taiwan. Ren’ai Township of Nantou County is located 8 kilometres north of Wushe Section which is the Tai 14A Route of Central Cross-Island Highway in Central Taiwan. Cinjing Farm has been opened to public since 20th of February 1961 and it is managed by the Veteran Affairs Council of Republic of China. The farm is also situated at 1750 meters above the sea level and the grass at the grasslands are made up of Kikuyugrass, a type of grass that was originated from East Africa and imported from Philippines. Kikuyugrass was chosen because of its ability to converse the soil and its hardiness.

The weather at the farm is generally mild throughout the year and this makes it a popular place to visit. During the months of May to September, the average temperature is between 15 Celsius and 23 Celsius. Cinjing Farm is also known to produce different types of fruits such as peaches, plums, pears and kiwi fruit.

There are several facilities located within the Cinjing Farm and they include the Tourist Centrer, the Green Green Grasslands, the Recreation Center for Visitors, Small Swiss Garden, the Shoushan Park, Stock Nurturing Center and the Guest House. The farm partners are always putting in effort to incorporate the nearby tourism projects with the farm to make it even more appealing and to provide an enjoyable nature trip for the visitors that visit the farm.

Known as the Foggy Eden, Cinjing Farm is also an ideal place for you to interact with different types of farm animals such as sheep and cows. Some of the farm animals that can be found in Cinjing Farm include the Corriedale Lamb, Barbado Sheep, Hereford Cow, Aberdeen Angus Cow, Arab Horse and ponies. Some of these sheep can also be seen walking around the farm and they would trot towards you confidently as if the farm is their home and you are just merely a guest there. Therefore, remember to walk with your eyes open as there are sheep poo everywhere and anywhere. They stink badly so you have been warned. The sheep here are allowed to roam freely with no fence to separate them from visitors so remember not to startle the sheep. There are also some sheep that are kept outside the farm building and behind the fence. However, be careful if you are planning to feed them as they are a hungry bunch and they can be very enthusiastic when you try to feed them the pellets. The pellets can be bought separately from a vending machine nearby.

You can also watch the horse riding show and sheep-shearing show for free as they are already included in your farm entry ticket. Pony rides are available during the day too at Cinjing Green Green Grasslands and you might have to pay for it. The horse riding show is scheduled daily at 10.45AM in the morning and 3.45PM in the afternoon. During the horse riding show, you can see Mongolian performers pulling off all sorts of stunts while standing on the horse. You can also take memorable pictures with these performers and the horses after the show.

Throughout the day, you can experience some different amazing weather effects as the sun interacts with the mist and fog within the area. At dusk, pink clouds can be seen and it creates an amazing sunset experience for visitors to immerse in. It is also advisable for you to climb up the steep stairs to the viewing platform because that would be the ideal place to view the whole scenery of the Cinjing Farm. From the viewing platform, the entire farm looks like a magical kingdom that is located high up in the sky. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices vary depending if you are a child, in a group, general public, student, resident or a senior citizen. The complete list of ticket prices are shown below:

  • Adult –New Taiwan Dollar 160 for weekdays and New Taiwan Dollar 200 for weekends and this applies to the general public
  • Group Purchase – New Taiwan Dollar 120 for weekdays and New Taiwan Dollar 160 for weekends and this price only applies to groups of more than 30 people, soldiers, public officials, teachers and policemen
  • Student – New Taiwan Dollar 120 for weekdays and weekends and this rate only applies to students with valid Student ID card
  • Senior – New Taiwan Dollar 80 for weekdays and New Taiwan Dollar 100 for weekends and this rate only applies to seniors that are 65 years old and older
  • Resident – New Taiwan Dollar 80 for weekdays and New Taiwan Dollar for weekends and this rate only applies to residents living in Puli Township, Sinyi Township, Nantou County Heping District and Taichung City
  • Concession –  New Taiwan Dollar 20 for weekdays and weekends and this rate only applies to veterans with spouses and direct relatives, visitors with disabilities and accompanied by a companion, children under the age of 6 years old, residents living in Ren-ai Township and Nantou County and volunteers that hold certificates issued by the Ministry of Inferior


According to the official website of Cinjing Farm, many people fled to the Burmese-Thai-Laotian border to join the resistance forces based in Yunnan after the Communist took over the Mainland of China. These people fought under famous generals like Li Mi, Li Guo-Hui, Tuan Hsi-Wen, Chu Hsin Yi and Liu Yuan-Lin. The generals also led the attacking forces to cross over the Thai-Burmese borders. In October 1960, these generals started to wage a war against the Communists in Burma. As a result of that, both sides suffered heavy casualties and the 253 soldiers were ordered to return to Pingtung on 24th of March. These soldiers then proceed to Chen’gongling and settled in the Cinjing Farm after you they did agricultural training that lasted for one hundred days.