Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort

Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort is located in Nantou County, situated in the beautiful CingJing Farm. The farm is about 1700 meters above sea level with mild weather all year round. Thus, it is very comfortable to stay in the resort.

Here are some directions for you in order to get to the Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort. If you are coming from Taichung, you can take a Nantou bus directly from Taichung to Cingjing Guest House. The Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort is very close by, about 5 minutes walking distance away from the drop-off point. You can take the bus at the Golden Plaza, which is across the Taichung train station. Take note that the Nantou bus is available at 825am and 1225pm daily. The ticket fare is about TWD 240 for one-way per passenger.

If you are coming from Taipei, you can take the Guo Guang Bus 1832 from the Taipei West Bus Station Terminal B. This will brings you to the Puli Station. From here, you have to take another bus, the Nantou Bus bound for Songgang or Chueifong to Cingjing Guest House. The resort is about 400m away from this guest house. The Guo Guang Bus from Taipei to Puli will cost you about TWD 385 for one way per passenger, while the bus fare for Nantou Bus from Puli to Cingjing is about TWD 127 for one way per passenger. It is advisable to prepare extra change in order to avoid changes in fare as the bus fare may be adjusted without prior notice.

Once you arrive at Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort, you can feel a sense of comfort as the resort is situated in the prosperous area of a farm. It is very suitable for those who wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The warm hue, decoration with fresh flowers and relaxing music from the lobby provides an elegant and comfortable ambiance to the guests. Therefore, you can simply sit at one corner, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, overlooking the mountain views. Besides, you can read a book and relax. Each rooms are built by the owner and is elaborately decorated. This resort offers many different facilities with detailed and fine services. You may find some on-site facilities such as the hanging garden, reading lounge, exquisite gift shop, outdoor cafe, restaurant and bar.  

Staying at Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort enables you to access easily to many famous attractions such as Aowanda Forest Recreation Area, Hohuanshan (Mount Hehuan), Chingjing Farm and Lushan Hot Spring. Do not miss these attractions if you want to get close to the nature.